Game Devs: Never delete a project

Hey everyone, I wanted to give a bit of unsolicited advice. A few years ago, when I was more naive, I had just finished and released my first mobile game. I was very excited about it. In hindsight, that game was complete garbage. It was during the height of the …

Working on an in-depth analysis of Breath of the Wild

Hello readers,

If it seems like I haven’t been posting anything lately, that’s because I’m working on an in-depth analysis of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s looking like this will be a 3-part release. The first part, an examination of the core mechanics and how they work individually and together, should be released before Monday.

Also, I mentioned that I will be doing a series on worldbuilding — that is still in the works as well. I haven’t forgotten!

Thank you all for staying tuned!

Harrison N

The Importance of Worldbuilding in Video Games

This is the first of several articles regarding building an immersive world for your games, books, and other media. Many seasoned game developers will already be familiar with worldbuilding, but hopefully this series will provide some value to new developers and writers, and serve as a refresher for others. What …

How to Monetize Your Mobile Game

Since the creation of the iPhone, developers have been clamoring to put their games and applications on the app store. With the evolution of iOS, Android, and — to some extent — the Windows phone, the mobile game marketplace has grown to become an incredibly lucrative market, with games like …